Towards a sustainable and bio-based society

Delivering a More Sustainable Solution

We believe that sustainability is the business opportunity of the future. Companies will invest billions in coming years to develop new sustainable products. Based in the paper industry, we are focusing our development on more sustainable alternatives and a sustainable common future. We believe that fibre-based materials and processes are the future. Can your waste be used to produce new materials for new products?

In order to be able to convert to a sustainable and bio-based society, it is crucial that we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and energy sources.

We replace plastic!

Do you have products today that are made of, or packed in, plastic? Have you considered replacing the plastic with a biodegradable material?

We have years of experience working with our customers to create solutions for a sustainable future. We can be the difference that makes your product competitive and attractive to the market. Challenging convention is part of our DNA – we believe that all types of solid paperboard and the processes used to manufacture it can be improved.

We are experts in tailor-made solid paperboard, which has become emblematic of our company – Custom Made Paperboard. Should the product protect against grease, be water-resistant, be rigid, have high bulk or perhaps provide a mix of many different things? In addition to our own expertise and experience, we work closely with suppliers, converters and other technical experts.

We are constantly working on new materials and combinations of materials, and this provides us with the tools we need to create solutions that can replace or reduce the plastic content in your product. We deliver products ranging from the finest virgin fibre-based cardboard to a material that is 100% recycled, often in combination with a unique surface layer.

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Our sustainable commitment


We believe in the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. We therefore consider it a privilege to work with sustainable materials: waste paper, for example contains fibres which can be reused up to seven times in the production of paperboard, making solid paperboard a genuinely sustainable product.

part of the circular economy - Swt Paper

Our view of sustainability is underpinned by an understanding that everything has potential for improvement. From natural and recyclable materials to an optimised production process: we are always striving to improve our efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of our actions and products. For that reason, we work to improve our own activities on an ongoing basis. At the same time, we are aware that our opportunities to expert influence run both backwards and forwards through the value chain. Taking responsibility at every stage, from selecting raw materials to recycling, is therefore a guiding principle for us.

We have no emissions from our production process and use biogas for heating and green electricity from wind and hydropower.


All employees at Swt paper are familiar with the UN’s global goals that constitute Agenda 2030. Starting in the fall of 2022, work is in progress to clarify how we as a company can influence a more sustainable world, and how we can make a difference on an individual level. The work with Agenda 2030 is in line with the vision of Swt paper, and a way of operating based on our values.


Most of our solid paperboard products are FSC certified. By using FSC certified products, we can assure our clients and end users that the products we make are produced in accordance with this responsible method of forest management. Certification is performed by independent organisations who are accredited by the FSC. This means that when the FSC® logo is displayed you can be confident that the products have indeed been responsibly sourced. For more information, please visit: