Solid paperboard for the packaging industry

Several factors need to be considered in choosing the right packaging for your product. Whether you wish to package perfume, cosmetics, auto parts or screws, we have a solid background and ample experience in the industry to know exactly what requirements the material needs to meet. We can deliver products ranging from the finest virgin fibre-based cardboard to a material that is 100% recycled. The cardboard may also have various characteristics to suit demands such as grease protection, tensile strength, excellent printing quality, or a combination of several requirements.

Swt Paper packaging products

Solid paperboard for packaging

Maybe your customer is looking for a package to be used outdoors and withstand moisture. We can produce paperboard that is edge penetrated and laminated with two thin plastic layers. This way, your customer can replace their plastic packaging to a carton packaging with essentially the same properties but with 98% reduced plastic content.

Is your customer looking for a packaging that can withstand fat? We can develop paperboard grades with grease barriers.

In some cases, virgin fiber based paperboard is required. We cooperate with almost all Scandinavian paper mills and can combine the properties of their various paperboards to a unique quality for your particular purpose.

Your needs are our strength. We manufacture many standard quality boards on a regular basis, but that’s not our main focus, we are there to meet your needs – Custom Made Paperboard.

450 – 2500 gsm
0,8 – 3,5 mm
Packaging for various purposes such as screws, nails, sweets, pharma, luxury etc.

Gallery of packaging products produced from our solid paperboard