Our view on innovation

Innovation starts with people and their mindset

Swt Paper works with innovations, and innovations start with progressive thinking. Progressive people and companies are always looking ahead. In a world where many people make do with old solutions, progressive companies focus on the future.

The demands of customers and society to reduce material use, reuse, and create sustainable and recyclable products are increasing every day.

As a progressive company, we focus on solutions. We constantly ask new questions and test new ways of doing things. Our process drives developments forward which can turn a standard product into a custom made solution, or change a plastic product to a more sustainable and recyclable solution.

Our innovation compass gives us and our clients a common starting point to determine expectations and the degree of innovation for each solution.

Swt Innovation Compass

Innovation needs a process

Our ambition is to create the absolute best conditions for innovation and development. To do this, we have created the “House of Innovation”, an environment where our way of working with our innovation process – DPD – Dynamic Product Development, takes centre stage. These premises are designed, equipped and adapted to work with BAD (Brain Aided Design), PAD (Pencil Aided Design), MAD (Model Aided Design) and CAD (Computer Aided Design). The environment inspires and facilitates an agile way of working with the development process.

Innovation needs testing

Innovation and development requires lots of small steps, milestones and decisions. Therefore, we believe that ideas and prototypes go hand in hand. It is really important to be able to quickly produce products from different ideas, place them in their real context and test them against the requirements, which is how we push the development process forward. Often the requirements are contradictory, which is why we need to test different material compositions such as gram weights, thicknesses, moisture content, density, bulk, stiffness, compressive strength, surface or torsional stiffness, surface roughness, water resistance, etc. to find the optimal composition.
To do this, Swt has built up a fully equipped measuring and prototype workshop adapted to circular development projects where we are able to develop and test pre-series.