Solid paperboard for industrial use

We produce paperboard for versatile use in industry. Applications can be, for example, protective packaging, materials for logistical purposes or materials that are part of a product.

We can laminate up to seven layers of different materials, thus tailoring the product for your particular purpose. You may need a material that can withstand moisture in the lower layer and at the same time an overlayer that protects against scratches. We have extensive experience in producing products that meet different requirements.

If you today use plastic material to protect your products, we may be able to help you develop a material with considerably reduced plastic content or even 100% recyclable.

Do you have problems with corrosion when your metal products are moved between your process steps or on the way to your customer? We have many years of experience of advanced pallet sheets made of paperboard with built-in rust protection.

125 – 2 500 gsm
0,2 – 3,5 mm
Advanced pallet sheets, stripes, folded cardboard, PE coated cardboard, circular shaped cardboard, cardboard with corrosion protection (VCI) and much more.

Gallery of industrial products produced from our solid paperboard