Often, delicatessen products such as fish, dry-cured ham or cakes are packaged in refrigerated conditions or with oils. Therefore, it is essential that the packaging is suitable for its conservation.

Our Foodpack segment is developed for food packaging. With its high stiffness and its absorption properties, this board is excellent for moist/greasy products and is approved for direct food contact.

The main volume sold in the Foodpack segment is the salmon boards / trays, where the customer places smoked fish on the board and then vacuum packs. The board helps keep the packaging fresh by absorbing leftover liquid from the fish when it is packaged.

We supply boards made of the finest virgin fibres to boards produced from 100% recycled fibres, depending on quality required and your needs.

Swt Paper packaging products


We supply Foodpack in gold, silver, black or white. If you wish, the name of your company or a commercial message can be printed on the board, to present your products in a customised way.

We also supply metal-free alternatives.

500 – 1500 gsm
0,8 – 1,5 mm
Packaging for fish, meat, chocolate, fruit, berries, plates, platters and luxury packaging.