Customer cases

Innovation and progressive thinking

Swt Paper works with innovations, and innovations start with progressive thinking. Progressive people and companies are always looking ahead. In a world where many people make do with old solutions, progressive companies focus on the future.

The demands of customers and society to reduce material use, reuse, and create sustainable and recyclable products are increasing every day.

As a progressive company, we focus on solutions. We constantly ask new questions and test new ways of doing things. Our process drives developments forward which can turn a standard product into a custom made solution, or change a plastic product to a more sustainable and recyclable solution.

Our innovation compass gives us and our clients a common starting point to determine expectations and the degree of innovation for each solution.

Innovation compass

Close customer cooperation

We work close to our customers in different development projects. Below are some examples.​​

Customer case #1

Lightweight board material

In this video-link one of the worlds largest furniture companies tells about an interesting project.

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Customer case #2

Original packaging - not just a paperboard box

Ball bearings are delivered in an inner plastic package and sealed with paperboard packaging. This helps reduce vibrations and keeps the bearings in place during transport, to ensure that the customer receives the right quality upon delivery.

Large ball bearings are often delivered in individual packages. The choice of packaging can have a huge impact as the packages are not always handled with care. As a result, the ball bearings were often delivered with damaged original packaging and oil leaks from the ball bearings when the inner plastic packaging was also damaged. The ball bearings’ manufacturer therefore realized that their existing solution was not good enough and was looking for stronger and better quality paper board.

With experience and knowledge in this area, we developed a stronger paperboard that withstands both vibrations and oil leakages from the ball bearings. The paperboard we produce consists of three layers of paperboard with different properties, which together with the glue form a Custom Made Paperboard with the right properties for this purpose.

Customer case #3

Pallet sheet with water-resistant and dust-free surface

A manufacturer of AWD systems for the automotive industry was looking for a more environmentally friendly pallet sheet with properties such as water-resistant and dust-free surfaces.

We used the terms reduce, reuse and recycle.

We soon realized after trying different alternatives that we needed some kind of PE coating on the surface of the sheet. We therefore developed a pallet sheet with a thin layer of PE coating on the surfaces. The thin plastic layer makes the sheet’s surface water-resistant while the small paper fibers from the paperboard stay inside the paperboard, making the product durable so it can be reused a number of times before being recycled. The sheet is 98% recyclable and treated as paperboard after it has been used. This means the plastic and paper fibers are separated, like milk packages, and turned into new paperboard.

Customer case #4

Pallet sheet and rust protection in one

One of the world’s largest truck manufacturers was forced to add rust protection to protect metal products when moving between different process steps. The addition of rust protection needed to be done automatically as part of the existing process in order to avoid further process steps and additional costs.

With experience and knowledge in the area, we developed a pallet sheet with added rust protection. The sheet is 100% recyclable and treated as paperboard after it has been used.