We customise paperboard to your business needs

Paperboard is a material that has many different uses. It is a thicker paper made from a network of cellulose fibres. What distinguishes paperboard from paper is its area of use but also often its thickness, usually a paperboard is made up of different layers and is therefore also significantly stronger.

We are experts in tailor-made solid paperboard, which has become emblematic of our company – Custom Made Paperboard.

We have extensive experience in solving customer problems based on their needs, and in addition to our own expertise and experience we work closely with suppliers, converters and technical experts. Read more about customer cases.

Thanks to our location in Scandinavia, we have access to some of the world’s best paperboard qualities that we have the possibility to laminate and combine to the quality you need. We work with all types of paperboard grades such as Solid bleached board (SBB), Folded box board (FBB), Solid unbleached board (SUB), Liquid packaging board (LPB), White top liner (WTL), White-lined chipboard (WLC), Kraftliner, Testliner and Grey board.

SBB – is a homogeneous bleached paperboard made of virgin fibre and made up of several layers of bleached chemical pulp. Used mainly for display products.

FBB – is a very strong multi-layer board made of virgin fibre with a high proportion of mechanical pulp. The paperboard is made up of a few layers of mechanical pulp in the middle and with chemical pulp in the surface. Used for confectionery, pharmaceuticals and frozen products.

SUB – is an unbleached paperboard made of virgin fibre. Used for dry foods.

LPB – is a liquid resistant multi-layer board made of virgin fibre. The paperboard is rigid and strong and coated with a barrier of, for example, plastic. The barrier holds the liquid and prevents flavours from penetrating the paperboard. Used for beverages and dairy products.

WTL – is a coated or uncoated multi-layer virgin fibre board made of unbleached fibres in the bottom and bleached fibres on the top. Mainly used for corrugated board surface layers and packaging.

WLC – is a coated recycled fibre board. Used for dry goods and packaging.

Kraftliner – mainly used for corrugated board surface layers. The paperboard could have a high wet strength and is made of around 80% sulfate pulp and 20% recycled fibre.

Test liner – the same usage as kraftliner but made from 100% recycled fibres from corrugated paperboard.

Grey board – is an uncoated recycled fibre board with glossy surface layers. Consists of 100% recycled fibres. Used for cores, gift papers, puzzles and packaging. We often use this paperboard as a middle layer when we build our qualities.

Paperboard is often coated. The coating can consist of one, two or three layers and improves the whiteness, surface smoothness and gloss to achieve the desired printing and varnishing properties.

We keep ourselves constantly up-to-date on new materials, and this provides us with the tools we need to create Custom Made Paperboard. We are the obvious choice if you are looking for solid paperboard for industry, packaging, display or something completely new.

We customise paperboards to your business needs

Should the product be water-resistant, rigid, have good printability or something else? Perhaps a mix of many different things? We laminate different paper layer compositions to build up your unique paperboard quality.

All our paperboards are developed and produced at one site.

Machinery @ Swt Paper
Machinery @ Swt Paper


We deliver products ranging from the finest virgin fibre-based cardboard to a material that is 100% recycled. The paperboard can also have different characteristics to suit demands such as grease protection, tensile strength, excellent printing quality or a combination of several requirements.

If you are going to build a bridge or just have it as an ornament on the shelf, we are the obvious choice for special solid paperboard, which has also become our signature – Custom Made Paperboard.

By combining different areas of expertise, we can offer a tailor-made product that is competitive in terms of quality, features, price and added value.